Line-up Codru Fest

Trees adopted so far: 03646

With your donation, give a small tree a house in CODRU

In autumn, after celebrating biodiversity through music and arts, we will organize a planting campaign for the new trees adopted by good-hearted adopters, a campaign in which we invite you to participate, in order to help us enrich the Bistra Forest. Every adopted tree will bear the name of chosen by the adopter.

We are going there to have fun and plant some trees anyway, and it would be a great honor for us if you would join in. Because we have already mentioned this, please name the trees, from your account, after the donation has finished. You will receive the invitations by email as well as in your account.

We’re preparing many other surprises, but all in their due time.

Adopt 2 Trees!

Donate 50Ron

For every 2 trees you donate * You receive an invitation from us for August 23rd.

Adopt 2 Trees!

Donate 50Ron

For every 2 trees you donate * You receive an invitation from us for August 24th.

Adopt 4 Trees!

Donate 100Ron

For every 4 donated trees * You receive an invitation from us for 23 and 24 August.

* After completing the donation, please log into your account at in order to choose a NAME for the adopted trees. The Beneficiary reserves the right to withdraw the chosen name if it contains insults or profanities.

The following groups of people will receive invitations for entering the festival following the presentation of their identity / birth certificate or proof of birth:

  • Children under the age of 14, accompanied by parents;
  • Persons over 65;
  • Persons with disabilities, together with an attendant, if applicable;
  • People who prove they have donated blood in the last 6 months;

The purpose of the festival

Just like the forest has sheltered us in hard times, protecting us like a loving mother, the communities around Bistra Forest will unite to protect the forest when the times are hard for her. Without the forest everyones lives would be poorer.

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Festival Zones

9 distinct areas that you can visit during the festival

Parking area

The hearth of wagons

More than 1,500 free parking spots.

Area of

The bird

There will be theatre/circus shows, movies, workshops for adults, expositions and presentations with artistic and ecological themes.

Exotica & Friends Radio Area

Radio Exotica

Here we will have the activities of Radio Exotica ( a radio dedicated to the evolution and the history of music from all around the world, starting with 1920 until today).


And their guests: auditions, expositions, thematic dances workshops, hairstyling stand and suited vendors suited for this area.


Children’s Area

Harap White Area

The kids will have an area specially designed for them, in which, they will be able to spend their time in a pleasant way under the guidance of qualified personnel.


They can participate to creation workshops that will have different subjects, such as: plastic arts, music, theater, land-art or ecological themes. They will also be able to use their energy in sport competitions or team-based games organised for them. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity of creating a mini amusement park for the area. There will be vendors suited for this area.


Sports Area

Zmei Workout

This area will be dedicated to relaxation through movement and will contain different fun opportunities.


made through sport: frisbee championship, crossfit, minimarathon, cycling, football, volleyball, badminton, tourist guidance, paintball and others.
*Do not forget your bathing suits. The pools will be placed in the most bizarre places.


Healing Area

Youth without old age

The area in which we will shape our body, mind and soul through ancient and alternative methods.


Here we will discover new things about health, relaxation and recipes for a better life. You can find different activities and rituals like: spiritual guidance, shamanistic rituals (Circle of Ra-Pe, Cocoa Celebration), therapies and nutrition (healing through sound, healing through art), Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, different types of massage, etc. And of course thematic workshops and suited vendors for the area.


Food area

Ancu, Khan

A mixture of cuisines and gastronomic styles that will satisfy all tastes,
with workshops for those who wish to deepen the secrets of cooking in nature.

Camping area

Fairies glade

At dusk or down, the meadow fairies are ready to help you fall asleep.


You have enough room for tents, but if you might fancy sleeping on hay or leaves we have nothing against. From our side you may as well sleep on the grass, since is summer and the Forest will kindly provide you shelter.


Etno-Fusion Area

Ciuleandra Nation

The area where folklore will merge in harmony with modern art, through music, plastic arts, land art, costumes and dance.


We will have thematic workshops, folk dances, folk costumes
expositions, area specific folk ensembles and suited vendors for this area.


Music area

The 3 scenes



Cioârlia Vibe, Electro-Doina and Jăratec Stage.



A multitude of international and local artists.


Hours of live music

Drum & Bass, Psy Trance, Tekno, Folk, Reggae, Hip-Hop.

Location of the festival

How can you get to us


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