The purpose of the festival

Just like the forest has sheltered us in hard times, protecting us like a loving mother, the communities around Bistra Forest will unite to protect the forest when the times are hard for her. Without the forest everyones lives would be poorer.

With the help of Bistra Forest Association and many people with a kind soul, 6000 trees will be planted, this was supoorting and enriching the Bistra Forest area. The purpose of this festival is to draw attention towards the value of Bistra Forest in the lives of people that live around her, and to protect and preservate the natural heritage of the area, so, all the funds gained from the festival will be directed towards this cause.

Presentation of the Festival

In august we celebrate 50 years since the Woodstock Festival, which thourhg it’s message of
“PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC” has contributed to the change into a better world. The first edition of the festival offers an unforgettable experience for all the souls participating, and even beyond
that. A carefully chosen variety of music, numerous zones for artistic activities as film or theatre, fun, sporty and educational activities and also relaxation and healing, will be perfectly mixed within this experience.

Through this years edition of Codru Festival we want to celebrate the attempt our ancestors had to change the world with peace, love and art.
The multiculturality of the international styles and the harmonious combination of Banat and national traditions will merge and colour the forest for 3 days. With the skylark singing in the background, we will all contribute for the prosperity of the green heritage through music, art and good vibes, together with surprise artists, this way , turning the first edition into a awesome festival.